Lead Engineer - CAD Automation
Schneider Electric Private Limited
June 2018 - Present
Bengaluru, Karnataka - India

Developing CAD application to automate low voltage electrical products 3D & 2D designs

Engineer - Software Development
Milacron India Private Limited
Apr 2017 - May 2018
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - India

Developed & Deployed the Creo toolkit synchronous applications to Europe & Canada design teams and developed commercial applications for US team requirements.

Strongly developed core skills on CAD geometry data extraction, graphical transformations and drawing modules with the Creo Toolkit.

Engineer - Design
Milacron India Private Limited
Mar 2015 – Mar 2017
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - India

​Started to work with newly developed global engineering center to support Injection molding machine design in Milacron entities of US & Europe teams.

Enhanced my career in CAD customisation to develop the CAD tools for achieve the quality target of the team as per the management requirements.

Developed a Creo asynchronous applications to capture the drawing data's for quality check and worked on the SQL server DB to produce quality report for the designers and the team.

Developed a Creo synchronous application to automate the drawing creation for family table items

Developed websites for monitoring drawing quality and efficiency dashboard for the designers and the team.

Developed skills on Creo Toolkit, VB API, C++, C#, VB.Net, SQL server, ASP.Net MVC & Webforms, WPF applications.

Design Engineer
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited - Machine Tools Division
Aug 2013 – Mar 2015
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Started to work as Design engineer for to develop Vertical Machining Center (VMC). Developed a VMC of 1000mm axis and with BT40 & BT50 configurations

Worked on various options of the machines such as Spindle design with basic and high speed spindle, Spindle with BT40 & BT50 configuration, Coolant thru and Water cooled spindle. BT40 ATC with 20 Tools & 30 Tools configurations. Basic and high column configurations. Power transmission with V & Timing belt configurations. Splash Guard design to accomplish different options of the machine

Handled Oracle ERP Operations such as Pre-scope booking configuration, Machine BOM preparations and options additions, ECO Management, Work-order & Sales order monitoring. Manufacturing routing systems monitoring, Stores items status monitoring, Rework hours updation to manufacturing and assembly workers. On hand qty monitoring, Bought out items monitoring

Handled a team to develop VMC of 800mm axis with BT40 & BT50 configuration for IMTEX -2015 exhibition

Developed VB.Net Desktop, Android and Windows mobile applications for Disc spring, LM Guides and Ballscrew selection to simplify the calculation process

Graduate Engineer
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited - Machine Tools Division
Aug 2012 - Jul 2013
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - India

Started to support Vertical Machining Center team. Experienced in machine Saddle, Column, Spindle head Casting and machining design. Experienced in Automatic Tool Changer selection and ATC mounting fabrication bracket design

Experienced in standardisation and cost reduction projects on Ballscrew holder, LM Guide and Ballscrew for the machines. Worked on Leak-proof machine sheet metal covers design.Experienced on BOM & ECO Management

Graduate Apprentice Trainee
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited - Machine Tools Division
Jun 2011 - May 2012
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - India

Trained in preparation of Engineering drawing, modelling, assembly in Creo Elements Pro 5.0. Trained in preparing Casting, machining, fabrication and assembly drawings. Trained in machine elements such as LM Guide, Ballscrew, Bearings, Belts selection from supplier catalogs

Worked in FEA of machine structures using Pro-Mechanica (Creo Simulate). Worked in Reverse Engineering of machine building projects. Trained in Cross Functional Team activities & Core machine building process by CFT team

Medial Shop Assistant
Vanaja Medicals
Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu - India

Unforgettable 1st Salaried Job in my career. I worked for the medical shop maintenance. Billing to the customers. Experienced in 5S concepts